Who Are We

"A diverse and dynamic team united by a shared vision for a sustainable future."

AI-Kitecture will be a technology and design firm specializing in ai, software, web based applications in domestic and international markets based out of Helsinki, Finland.




Ulas Ziya Terzioglu

Product & Brand / Founder

Cagri Terzibas

R&D Engineer / Founder

Eren Bostan

Developer / Founder


Aslı Heper

Founder of Aslı Heper Interior Design

A. Fatih Ayyıldız

Creative Project Manager at Springfox

Huseyin Penbeoglu

BIM Consultant Architect Founder of Bimpetus

Imge Yaman

Customer Succes Manager Architect at Graphisoft

Berna Saka

Copywriter at Kroppa Digital Agency